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2PC Transmission Funnel

2 Piece, Poly Transmission Funnel.

LG 6" Appl Rag

Clean Rite, Large, 6" Applicator Pad With Pocket, For Applying Waxes Polishes & Protectants, Reversible Hand Pocket, Safe For All Finishes, Soft Fabric Over Sponge Pad.

HD Tire Repair Kit

Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit, All Tires, 5 Black Strings, Pistol Grip Rasp & Inserting Tools.

Radiator Funnel

Spill Saver Radiator Funnel, Locks Into Most Radiators, Splash Guard, Wide Opening For Quick Pouring.

4W Valve Tool

4 Way, Valve Tool.

4PK Dome Valve Cap

4 Pack, Dome Type Valve Cap.

3PC Funnel Set ASSTD

3 Piece, Funnel Set, Assorted, Contains: 1/2 PT, PT & 2 QT Funnels.

AP Giant Bone Sponge

All Purpose, Giant Bone Sponge, Bone Design.

25" WD Handle Squeegee

25", Wood Handled Squeegee, With 8" Metal Head.

5/1 Multi Task Funnel

5 In 1, Multi Task Funnel, QT Capacity, 3 Interchangeable Spout Options, More Flexible, Nestable, Comes With A Shelf Mount Wire Ring.