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24" Branch Hook

Audubon, 24", Branch Hook, Features A Large End That Hooks Easily Over Tree Branches, Great For Bird Feeders, Flower Baskets & Wind Chimes, Holds Up To 25 LB.

DBL Suet Basket Holder

Audubon, Metal, Multi-Colored Double Suet Basket Holder, Assorted Colors: Red, Black, Yellow, Holds 2 Suet Cakes.

Hopper Cafe Bird Feeder

Audubon, Hopper Cafe Bird Feeder, Easy To Fill Swivel Top, May Be Hung Or Pole Mounted, 3/4" Pole Not Included, 7 LB Seed Capacity.

Bird Nester Holder

Audubon, Bird Nesting Holder, Mimics A Natural Bird Nest, Contains Specially Blended All Natural Fibers, Use Refill TV #143-267.

SquirProof Vista Feeder

Audubon, Squirrel Proof Vista Feeder, Includes Heavy Duty Hook, 6 LB Seed Capacity.

18" BLK Squirrel Baffle

Audubon, 18", Black Metal, Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle, Powder Coated Steel, Keeps The Squirrels From Raiding Your Bird Feeders, Installs Easily On Any 1/2" To 1 3/8" Diameter Pole Or Shepherd Hook.

Cedar Bluebird House

Audubon, 13", Cedar Bluebird Bird House, Constructed Of Natural Cedar & Featuring An Easy Open Front, Comes Fully Assembled & Ready To Mount, 1-9/16" Hole.

16" Hang/Pole Baffle

Audubon, 16", Clear, Plastic, Hanging Or Pole Mount Baffle, Great Weather Shield Or Squirrel Baffle, Easy To Install On Pole Or Ready To Hang, Constructed Of Durable Heavy Duty Plastic. Includes A Hook To Hang The Feeder.

8-3/4" Humming Feeder

Audubon, 8-3/4", Plastic, Classic Hummingbird Bird Feeder, 6 Feeding Ports & A Built In Ant Guard, Comes With A Removable Hanging Rod, Easy To Fill & Clean, 12 OZ Nectar Capacity.

Mini SunFLWR Feeder

Audubon, Mini, Steel, Black Oil Sunflower Magnum Bird Feeder, As Durable & Attractive, Easy To Fill & Clean With Easy Open Top, .75 LB Capacity.

Mini Thistle Feeder

Audubon, Mini, Steel, Nyjer Thistle Magnum Bird Feeder, As Durable & Attractive, Easy To Fill & Clean With Easy Open Top, .75 Capacity.

8.75" Cedar Bird Feeder

Audubon, 8.75, Hand Crafted, Natural Inland Cedar Bird Feeder, Uses Zinc Chromate Screws, Top Slides Off For Easy Filling & Cleaning, Holds 3 LB Of Mixed Seed, Comes With A Heavy Cable For Hanging.

Thistle Sock Feeder

Audubon, 11", Heavy Duty, Nyjer Thistle Sock Feeder, Durable Thistle Sock, Simply Fill, Hang & Enjoy, LB Thistle Or Finch Mix Capacity.

6.5" Squirrel Feeder

Audubon, 6.5", Squirrel Platform Feeder, Put An Ear Of Corn On This Platform Feeder & Keep The Squirrels Busy, Easy To Fill & Clean, 1 Ear Corn Capacity.

Mix Treat Window Feeder

Audubon, 7.5", Mixed Treat Window Feeder, Attracts All Kinds Of Birds, Sticks To Glass Surfaces & Holds Oranges, Seed &Jelly, Easy To Fill & Clean.