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2PK MTL Petal Mousetrap

Victor, 2 Pack, Metal Pedal Mousetrap, Shelf Display, Bilingual Packaging. No Poisons.

2PK Pantry Pest Trap

Safer, 2 Pack, Pantry Pest Trap, Attracts Food Eating Pests, Moths, Moths Stick On Sticky Inner Walls & Die.

OZ LiQ Ant Killer II

Terro, OZ, Liquid Ant Killer II, With Borax, EPA Approved For All Areas, For Control Of Sweet Eating Ants.

JPN Beetle Trap

Safer, Japanese Beetle Trap, Jumbo Size Trap & Bag, Exclusive Sex/Floral Biolure Attracts Beetles, Easy To Assemble, Includes Trap, 2 Jumbo Bags, 1 Piece Combination Lure.

8OZ Nectar Dry Mix

8 OZ, Instant Hummingbird Nectar Dry Mix, For Hummingbirds, Makes 48 OZ Of Nectar.

Ant Guard

Ant Guard, Repels Invading Ants From Nectar Feeders, Hangs Inline With All Hanging Feeders, Safe For Birds, Animals, & Humans.

32OZ RTU Insect Soap

Safer, 32 OZ Ready To Use Insecticidal Soap, Multi-Purpose For Fruits, Vegetables, Houseplants & Ornamentals, Kills Aphids, Mites, Mealybugs, White Flies & Other Listed Pests, Will Not Harm Beneficial Insects, Breaks Down In Less Than 48 Hours.

6PK LIQ Ant Bait/Borax

6 Pack, Ant Killer II Liquid Ant Bait With Borax, Pre-Filled, Ready To Use Bait Will Not Spill Or Drip, Controls Sweet Eating Ants, For Use In The Kitchen Basement, Garage, Work Area, Bedroom, Etc.

16oz Ant/Termite Killer

Terro, 16 OZ, Aerosol Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer, For Use Indoors & Outdoors, Kills On Contact, Protects Up To 4 Weeks, Unique Crack & Crevice Applicator, Applies Foam For Maximum Protection, Will Not Stain.

10x3x3 Cage Trap

Havahart, 10" x 3" x 3" Live Animal Cage Trap, For Mice, Moles & Shrews,1 LB.

6CT Deer Repellent

Safer, 6 Pack, Deer Off Deer Repellent Cup, Repellent Is Continuously Released From Repellent Station, Triggering A Deer's Instinct To Avoid Predator Activity, Works On Rabbits, All Season Protection, A Single Application In The Spring Protects Sprouting Plants & New Growth For The Entire Growing Season, Weatherproof, Active Ingredient Is Protected In A Heavy Duty, Patented Repellent Station, Safe For Vegetable Gardens, Does Not Come In Contact With Leaves Or Fruit, Non Toxic, Organic, Safe To Use Around Children & Pets.

7OZ Ant/Insect Killer

Safer, 7 OZ, Ant & Crawling Insect Killer, Kills A Variety Of Insect Including Cockroaches, Ants, Earwigs, Silverfish, Crickets, Millipedes & Centipedes, Works Indoors Or Outdoors When Kept Dry.

Beetle Trap MTL Stand

Safer, Japanese Beetle Trapper Metal Feeder Stand, Heavy Duty, 1 Piece Construction.

8OZ CLR Nectar Dry Mix

8 OZ, Clear Instant Nectar Dry Mix, For Hummingbirds, Makes 48 OZ Of Nectar.

JPN Beetle Trap Lure

Safer, Japanese Beetle Trap Lure, Ready To Use, Exclusive Sex/Floral Biolure.