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Portable Hygrometer

Portable Hygrometer With Temperature Gauge, Measures Indoor Air Humidity Levels & Temperature, Can Be Used With Any Brand Of Humidifier, Colored Area Shows Optimal Comfort Humidity Levels, No Battery Required.

32OZ Humidifier Cleaner

Humidiclean, 32 OZ, Extra Strength Humidifier Cleaner, Dissolves Calcium Scale, Lime & Rust, Helps Control Odor, Prolongs The Life Of Ultrasonic, Vaporizer, Evaporative Console & Table Type Humidifiers.

32OZ WTR Treatment

Original BT, 32 OZ Humidifier Bacteriostatic Water Treatment, Helps Controls Bacterial, Algae Build Up & Eliminate Odors In All Evaporative Console & All Wicking Type Humidifiers, Not For Use In Ultrasonic/Vaporizer.

32OZ WTR Treatment

Humiditreat, 32 OZ Humidifier Water Treatment, Extra Strength, Helps Control Odor & Prolong Humidifier Life, Helps Prevent Lime Scale Build Up, Not For Use In Ultrasonic/Vaporizers.