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Drywall Finishing Spge

Armaly ProPlus, Drywall Finishing Sponge Eliminates Need For Dry Sanding, Reducing Dust & Clean-Up Time, Made From Estracell Sponge Material Which Rinses Faster & More Completely Reducing Work Time & Providing Professional Results.

SM MED Tex Paint Sponge

Armaly ProPlus, Small Size, Medium Texture Painting Sponge, Natural Grass Sponge For A Fresh, Lively Texture, Multi-Use, Multi-Technique, Faux Painting Instructions Included In Every Package.

6PK Artist Sponge ASSTD

Armaly ProPlus, 6 Pack, Craft & Finishing Artist Sponge, Ideal For Arts & Crafts, Assorted Sizes & Shapes, Multi-Use, Multi-Technique, Faux Painting Instructions On The Back Of The Package.

Trash Can Loop HomePack

Bandit Trash Can Loops Home Pack, Holds Plastic Trash Can Liner In Place, Includes: 1 Loop Fits 32-55 Gallon Trash Containers & 1 Loop Fits 5-20 Gallon Kitchen & Bath Size Trash Containers.