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48x50 SQ Edge Roll

48" x 50', Standard Edge Double Bubble Foil Both Sides Reflective Insulation, 5/16" Thick With Two Outer Layers Of Aluminum Foil, Each Foil Layer Is Bonded To A Tough Layer Of Polyethylene For Strength, Reflects Up To 97% Of Radiant Heat, R-Value Up To To 14.3 Depnding Upon Application, Excellent Vapor Barrier For Below Grade, Can Be Used For Crawl Space, Duct Insulation, Side Walls, Metal Buildings, Basement Walls & Attics, Product Has Been Evaluated By ICBO, BOCA, CCMC, SBCCI & Dade County, Easy To Install With Tape & Staples.

16x25 Staple Tab Roll

16" x 25', Roll Of Double Bubble Foil Both Sides Staple Tab Reflective Insulation, Designed To Be Installed Between Studs That Are 16" On Center, R-Value Will Vary Depending On Application.