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Elec Mouse Trap

Electric Mouse Trap, Kills 50 Mice Per Each Per Set Of 4 "AA" Batteries, High Voltage Shock Kills Mice In 5 Seconds, Beveled Columns Hold Mouse In Place For 100% Kill Rate, No Escapes, Easy To Use, Simply Bait, Turn On & Empty, Smart Circuit Technology Senses Mice To Trigger Electronic Shock, Patented 2 Plate Design, Lid Flips Open To Keep Hands Away From Rodent, Built In Safety Switch & Tunnel Design Protects Kids & Pets, Non-Toxic, Poison Free, Blinking Green Light Indicates Kill, Blinking Red Light Indicates Low Battery.

64OZ RTU Nectar

64 OZ, RTU Nectar, 100% Sucrose, Ready To Use, Bottle.

3LB Wild Bird Feeder

3 LB Seed Capacity, Durable Squirrel-Proof Wild Bird Feeder, A Squirrel Resistant Metal Cage & A Twist Lock Top Deters Squirrels From Reaching The Seed, 8 Feeding Ports.

32OZ EndAll Ins Killer

Safer, 32 OZ End All Insect Killer, Wipes Out Insects & Eggs With The Combined Killing Power Of Pyrethrin & Neem Oil, Can Be Used Up To Day Of Harvest For Use On Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Trees & Ornamentals, OMRI Listed Product.

8OZ Pinch HB Feeder

3/4" Female Iron Pipe x 3/4" Female Iron Pipe x 24", Lead Free, Stainless Steel Water Heater Connector, The Wetted Surface Of This Product Contacted By Consumable Water Contains Less Than 1/4 Of 1 Percent 0.25% Of Lead By Weight, Meets AB1953 California & VT S152 Vermont Low Lead Restrictions, Bulk.

SM Animal Trap

Havahart, 16" x 6" x 6-3/8" Live Animal Cage Trap, 1 Door, Spring Loaded, Ideal For Squirrels, Chipmunks, Rats & Weasels.

Victor 4PK Mouse Trap

Victor 4 Pack, Mouse Trap, Original Wood Based Wire Snap Trap, Easy Set, Provides Instant Rodent Control, Safe For Household Use, For Effective Mouse Control, Each Trap Comes Pre-Baited With A Large, Scented Plastic Swiss Cheese Trip Pedal, Large Pedal Is Easily Activated By Rodent Interest In Food & Through Accidental Contact As Mice Scamper Across The Floor, To Ensure Maximum Trapping, Once A Rodent Triggers The Pedal, The Mouse Trap Immediately Springs Closed To Eliminate The Pest On Contact, Can Then Be Easily Disposed Of For Quick & Clean Removal, Require No Chemicals Or Poisons, Ideal Mouse Control Device For Use Around Food, Water, Children & Pets.

Clothes Moth Alert Trap

Safer, Clothes Moth Alert Trap, Will Lure Adult Moths Using Powerful Pheromones & Then Trap Them, Economical & Convenient Natural Pest Control Solution To Moths Damaging Your Furniture & Clothing, Lasts Up To 12 Weeks As They Trap Adult Moths, Not Larvae.

17" Panorama Feeder

17", Panorama Bird Feeder, Evenseed System Allows Separate Chambers To Empty Equally, Sure Lock Cap System Keeps Squirrels Out, Rustic Brown Finish, For Use With All Types Of Seed, 4.5 LB Seed Capacity, 2 Independent Seed Compartments.

1/2 Acre Insect Trap

Dynatrap, 1/2 Acre Insect Trap, More Installation Options, Classic Hanging Chain, Wall Mount For A Fixed Lantern Like Appearance, Works Best When Installed 3' Or Higher Above Ground, Safe Indoors & Out, Engineered For 3 Way Protection Against Mosquitoes & Other Flying Insects, First, A UV Fluorescent Bulb Generates A Warm Light, Attracting Insects, A Second Lure, An Exclusive Ti02 Titanium Dioxide Coated Surface, Produces CO2 Thats Irresistible To Mosquitoes, Third, A Powerful Yet Whisper Quiet Vacuum Fan Sucks Insects Into A Retaining Cage Where They Will Dehydrate & Die, Usually Within 24 Hours.

Victor EZ Set Rat Trap

Victor EZ Set Rat Trap, Original Wood Based Wire Snap Trap, Provides Instant Rodent Control & Is Safe For Household Use, For Effective Rat Control, Each Rat Trap Comes Pre-Baited With A Large, Scented Plastic Swiss Cheese Trip Pedal, LargePedal Of This Rat Trap Is Easily Activated, Both By Rodent Interest In Food & Through Accidental Contact As Rats Scamper Across The Floor, To Ensure Maximum Trapping.

8PK LIQ Ant Bait Stake

Terro 8 Pack, Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes, Kills All Common Household Ants, Pre-Filled & Ready To Use, See Through Bait Monitor, Snap Off Bait Activated, Reinforced Stake For Added Strength.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet, 8 Feeding Ports, Blue Antique, Mason Jar Wild Bird Feeder, All Metal Base & Feeding Ports, Easy To Fill & Clean, Circular Perch Invites Birds To Sit & Dine, Glass Seed Container With Embossed Bird Detail, LB Seed Capacity.

2PK Mole/Gol SonicSpike

Victor, 2 Pack, 12", Mole & Gopher Sonic Spike.

2PK QuickKil Mouse Trap

Victor, 2 Pack, Quick Kill Mouse Trap, Precision Strike Technology, No Bait Theft Possible, Most Humane Mechanical TrapOn The Market, Economical Trap Is Reusable Or Disposable.