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5.75OZ Lava Bar

WD-40, 5.75 OZ, Lava Bar Value Pack, The Original Pumice Powered Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner with moisturizers.


WD-40, 2 Count, Specialist Degreaser & Cleaner EZ-PODS, with a concentrated, industrial-strength formula, are the newest and easiest way to customize cleaning strength to your needs - from sensitive surfaces to the toughest mess. For everyday degreasing jobs, simply drop one EZ-POD in 32 ounces of water in the container of your choice or add a second for even stronger degreasing power. Use on automotive parts, shop floors, industrial machinery, commercial appliances, even food processing equipment and facilities, for a variety of degreasing needs. They're also safe to use on sensitive surfaces like plastics, rubber, neoprene, stainless steel, carbon fiber, copper, aluminum, chrome, and painted areas. Perfect for on-the-go, EZ-PODS solve nearly all your degreasing needs from one convenient pouch. They're compact, durable, and ready to mix and go.

WD40 9ML Precision Pen

WD-40 9ML Original Formula Precision Pen. The chisel-shaped, fibrous tip allows for precise application of Original WD-40 Formula exactly where it's needed The easy to hold pen-shape allows a steady hand for increased precise application. The non-aerosol format keeps lubricant from getting on the parts that don't need it. The easy to hold pen-shape makes control of lubricant placement like second nature. Pressing the precision tip in quickly gives you a little formula, whilepressing it longer allows a greater flow of formula - control at your fingertips. Compact nature makes it the right tool for small jobs & tight spaces. Pen shape and size make it easy to store in a toolbox, tool belt, drawer, pocket, or glove compartment

11OZ Penetrant Spray

WD-40, 11 OZ, Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray, Frees Corroded Nuts & Bolts, Penetrates Rust, Fast Acting, Penetrates Into Tight Crevices, Threads & Seams To Break The Bonds That Hold Stuck Parts Together, Helps Prevent Rust & Corrosion From Re-Forming & Leaves Behind A Lubricating Layer, With Blu Torch Technology, A Unique Blend Of Solvents, Metal Working Fluids, & Surfactants, Use On Nuts, Bolts, Threads, Locks, Chains & Rusted Things That Are Stuck & Won't Move, Safe To Use On Plastics, Rubber, & Metal, 50 State VOC Compliant.

11OZ Silicone Spray

WD-40, 11 OZ, Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant, Multi-Surface, Quick Drying, Protects Against Rust, Safe To Use On All Metal & Non-Metal Surfaces Including Rubber, Plastic, & Vinyl, Dries Fast & Leaves A Clear, Non-Staining Film Without Stickiness Or Messy Residue, Safe For Temperature Ranges Between -100 To 500 Degrees Fahrenheit, Ideal For Use On Cables, Pulleys, Guide Rails, Valves, Linkages, Hinges, Locks, & More, 50 State VOC Compliant.

WD40 3OZ Aero Lubricant

WD-40, 3 OZ, Aerosol Lubricant, Stops Squeaks, Protects, Loosens Rusted Parts, Displaces Moisture.

WD40 8OZ Lubricant

WD-40, 8 OZ, Aerosol, Smart Straw Lubricant, Built In Straw Allows For 1 Handed Operation, Flip It Up For A Precision Stream & Down For Regular Spray Action, Stops Squeaks, Protects, Loosens Rusted Parts, Displaces Moisture.

12OZ WD-40 MP Lubricant

WD-40, 12 OZ, Smart Straw Multi-Purpose Lubricant, Never Lose The Little Red Straw Again, Flip Straw Into Place & Direct WD-40 Where You Want It, Flip The Straw Down & Spray Like Normal.

10OZ WHT Lith Grease

WD-40, 10 OZ, White, Specialist Protective Lithium Grease, Long Lasting, Won't Run Off, Rust Inhibiting Barrier, Ideal For Metal To Metal Applications, Prevents Rust & Corrosion, Sprays On Evenly As A Liquid & Sets Up Dry For A Thick Protective Coating That Won't Wash Off, Temperature Range 0 To 300 Degrees Fahrenheit, Ideal For Use On ATO Hinges, Gears, Sprockets.

3 In One 3OZ MP Oil

3 In One, 3 OZ, Multi-Purpose Oil.

3 In One MP Oil

3 In One, 8 OZ, Multi-Purpose Oil.

3 In One 3OZ Motor Oil

3 In One, 3 OZ, Heavy Duty Motor Oil, Special Blend Of High Grade Oils For Lubricating 1/4 HP Or Larger Motors, Non-Sludging.

WD40 14.4OZ Lubricant

WD40, 14.4 OZ, EZ Reach Multi Use Lubricant Spray, 8" Flexible Straw Bends For Hard To Reach Places & Keeps It Shape, 50 State VOC Compliant, Sprays 2 Ways.

14OZ Spot Shot Remover

Spot Shot 14 OZ, Carpet Stain Remover, Aerosol, Removes Spots & Stains Instantly Without Scrubbing, Effective On Both Oil & Water Based Stains, Old & New, No CFC'S.