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2GAL AW ISO32 Hyd Fluid

Lube King, 2 Gallon, AW ISO 32, Hydraulic Fluid, Exceptional Protection Against Wear From Contaminants & Higher Operating Temperatures & Pressures Ensures Longer Equipment Life, Maintains Viscosity, Even Under Higher Operating Temperatures, & Has Sufficient Reserve Of Key Additives, Resulting In Longer Fluid Life & Reduced Operating Costs & Reduced Foaming Ensures Smooth, Efficient Operation & Proper Lubrication Of All Parts In The System, Specific Gravity @ 60 Degrees Fahrenheit, 15.6 Degrees Celsius, 0.8631 Viscosity @ 40 Degrees Celsius, 32.11 Viscosity @ 100 Degrees Celsius, 5.55 Pour Point Degrees Celsius, -33 Degrees Celsius, -28 Degrees Fahrenheit, Viscosity Index 110.

Mag1 8OZ Belt Dressing

Mag 1, 8 OZ, Belt Dressing, Special Formulation Was Created To Prolong Belt Life By Preventing Drying & Cracking, Stops Belt Slippage & Annoying Squeaks & Squeals, Suitable For Use On Any Belt Driven Equipment.