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Analog 3Dial WTR Timer

Battery Operated, Analog Electronic Water Timer, For 3/4" Faucet /Hose Spigot Hook Up, Inlet 3/4" Female Hose Thread, Swivel Outlet 3/4" Male Hose Thread, Temporarily Override Normal Programming With Timed Rain Delay, Pause Automatic Watering For Up To 72 Hours, Or Timed Manual Watering, Easy Program, Water Tight UV Resistant, Attaches To Any Outdoor Faucet, 24 Start Times Per Day, Minimum 15 PSI Required, Requires 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries, Not Included.

FLWR Tree Kit/Timer

Flower Shrub & Tree Kit With Timer, Includes Everything You Need To Water Your Flowers, Shrubs & Trees Without Any Additional Tools Needed, Includes 10 Pre-Assembled 3' Clamp N' Pierce Feeder Lines With 2 GPH Drippers, Patented Clamp N' Pierce Fitting Features A Tool Free Easy To Install Connection, Includes Battery Operated Timer To Automate Your System.

3/4" FPT Pres Regulator

Rain Drip, 3/4" Female Pipe Thread, Plastic, Professional Pressure Regulator, Suitable Only For Drip Watering Systems, Sprinklers, & Misters, Preset At 30 PSI.