HD Plier Staple Gun

Heavy Duty Plier Type Staple Gun Steel Construction Chrome Finish Hand Guide Loop Cam Actuated Double Leverage Deep Throat Easy Access Mechanism Access Hard To Reach Areas. For All Types Of Bagging, Tagging, Sealing, Labeling & Numerous Other Applications, Uses #P-22 Staples 1/4" (TV #133-793) & 5/16" (TV #133-801).


RED Tacker/Brad Nailer

Red, Heavy Duty Staple Gun Tacker & Brad Nailer, Ergonomic Soft Rubber Grip, Lightweight Die Cast Housing, Quick Bottom Load, Precision Fastener Control Resists Jams, Hi/Low Power Setting, Shot Meter, Shots 1/4" To 9/16" Staples, Shoots 5/8" To 1" Brad Nails.


HD Staple Gun Tacker

Heavy Duty, Staple Gun Tacker, All Steel Construction, Steel Working Parts, Chrome Finish ,Jam Proof Mechanism, Refill Window Double Leverage Operation, Uses Heavy Duty T50 Staples 1/4" TV #137-190, 5/16" TV #137-364, 3/8" TV #137-406, 1/2" TV #139-337, 9/16" TV #353-562 & 17/32" CT TV #140-053 Staples Narrow Crown.


Pneumatic Stapler

Pneumatic Stapler, Compact, Lightweight, Use For Upholstery & Many Household & Do It Yourself Projects, Uses All Sizes Of Standard T50 Staples, Easy Drop In Staple Loading, Contact Safety Prevents Accidental Firing.


Tacmate HG Stapler

Tacmate Stapler, Ergonomic, Heavy Duty, Compact, Polymer Housing Construction Is Durable Yet Lightweight, Shorter Grip Span Makes It Comfortable For Hours Of Continued Use, Non-Marring Tip Is Designed To Help Protect The Work Surface From Scratches Or Dents, Easy To Store & Less Likely To Cause Any Damage If Dropped, Uses T50 Staples: 1/4" TV # 137-190, 5/16" TV #137-364, 3/8" TV #137-406 & 1/2" TV # 139-337.


HD Stapler/Nailer Gun

Powershot Advanced Forward Action Stapler, 2 In 1 Heavy Duty Stapler/Nailer Gun, Powerful, Easy To Use Manual Staple Gun, Torsion Drive TM Technology, Pre-Loaded Torsion Spring, Shorter Grip, Easier To Squeeze, Push Handle, Bottom Loaded Magazine, Die Cast Aluminum Housing, Ideal For Insulation Work, Upholstery & Many DIY Projects, Use Standard T50 Staples From 1/4" To 9/16" & 5/8" & 9/16" Brad Nails.


MM 20G Wire Stapler

Master Mechanic, 20 Gauge, Pneumatic Fine Wire Stapler, Aluminum Magazine Holds Up To 100 Fasteners At A Time, Comfortable Grip, Anti-Dust Cap, Non-Marring Tip Helps Protect Your Work Surface From Any Scratches Or Marring Inflicted By The Tool, Ideal For Upholstery, Screen, Crafts, Insulation & Roofing Felt, Compatible With Arrow T50 Staples & Generic Fine Wire Staples, Accepts 20 Gauge Staples Ranging From 1/4" To 9/16".


HD Staple Gun
HD Staple Gun

PowerShot Heavy Duty Staple & Brad Nail Gun, Ergonomic Design Allows The Operator To Push Against the Handle Rather Than Squeeze, Delivering Easy, Consistent Performance & High Precision, Die Cast Aluminum Body, Rear Load Magazine, Viewing Window To Indicate Staple Load, Ideal For General Repairs, Upholstery, Insulation, Light Trim, Uses All Sizes Of Arrow T-50 Staples, As Well As 5/8" & 9/16" Brad Nails.


HD All In 1 Staple Gun

Surebonder, Heavy Duty All In 1 Staple Gun, Uses Any Standard Type Heavy Duty Staples Including Master Mechanic, Arrow, Stanley, Swingline-Powerfast, Duo-Fast, Bostitich, Craftsman, Ace, Do-It, Black & Decker, Surebonder, Easy Drop-In Staple Loading, Pull Out Track, No Plunger To Be Lost, Never Buy The Wrong Staples Again.


JT21 Staple Gun Tacker

Staple Gun Tacker, For Light Duty Household Tacking Chores, All Steel Construction, All Chrome Finish, Uses 3 Sizes Of JT21 Staples, Models 214 TV #136-796, 215 TV #136-804 & 276 TV #741-868.