600W Pro FoodDehydrator

600W, Professional Food Dehydrator, With 5 Trays & Spices, Sleek, Contemporary Design, Top Mounted Fan With Converge Flow Action, Pressurizes Heated Air, No Need To Rotate Trays, Generates Maximum Speed & Quality For Dehydrating Fruits, Vegetables, Beef Jerky, & Venison Jerky, Dry Food In Hours, Adjustable Thermostat 95 Degrees To 160 Degrees Fahrenheit, Greater Flexibility & Better Results When Drying Different Kinds Of Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, & Herbs, Contemporary Granite Vita-Save Gray Speckled Exterior, Light Blocking Feature Helps Retain More Vitamins & Nutrients, Expandable, Capable Of Handling 12 Trays For Increased Versatility, Bonus Features: Comes With 2 Fruit Roll Sheets, 2 Clean A Screens For Drying Sticky Fruit & Herbs & 3 Original Jerky Spices & Cure Packets, Use Add-A-Tray LT-2SG TV #106-991.


2PK 13.5"RND Add-A-Tray

2 Pack, 13.5", Dehydrator Add-A-Trays Accessory Pack, Add 2 Extra Trays To Expand Your Dehydrator's Capacity, Perfect For Drying More Beef Jerky, Grey Speckled/Marbled Trays Are For Use With Models FD-61 & FD-75PR True Value #106-295 Only.


400W CLR Dehydrator

Nesco/American Harvest, 400W, Dehydrator, With Clear Cover & 4 Speckled Trays, Clear Cover To Monitor Drying Process Without Lifting Trays, Innovative Top Mounted Powerhead, Dries Food Quickly & Evenly With Superior Results, Detaches To Make Dehydrator Dishwasher Safe For Easy Clean Up, Patented Fan Flow Radial Air Technology Means Faster, More Even Drying With No Tray Rotation Necessary, Makes Great Tasting Beef Jerky, Venison Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Fish Jerky, Homemade Trail Mix, Apple Snacks, Banana Chips, Dried Soup Mixes, Dry Tomatoes, Watermelon, Cantaloupes, Honeydew, Mangoes, Papaya & Many Other Fruits, Makes Potpourri & Dried Flowers For Crafts, Expandable, Includes 4 Trays, Is Expandable Up To 7 Trays With Add-A-Tray WT-2SG Accessories, Not Included, Includes Plastic Side Straps To Secure Dehydrator Trays For Easy Transport & Storage, 4" Fan, On/Off Switch On Powerhead.