8-1/4x24T Framing Blade

8-1/4" x 24 Tooth, Diablo Framing Blade, 5/8" Arbor.


7-1/4x4T Cement Blade

7-1/4" x 4 Tooth x 5/8 Arbor, Diablo Fiber Cement Blade, Polycrystalline Diamond Exclusive Hardie Endorsed.


6-1/2''x4T Hardie Blade

Diablo, 6-1/2'' x 4 Tooth, 5/8'' Arbor, Hardie Blade, Approved PCD Polycrystalline Diamond Tipped Fiber Cement, 5% LessRespirable Dust, While Delivering Long Life In All Fiber Cement Materials, Chip Design Offers Up To 60X Longer Cutting Life, Laser Cut Thin Kerf Design Gives Fast & Precise Cuts With Less Dust & Waste, Anti-Vibration Design Stabilizes The Blade & Reduces Noise While Cutting & Non-Stick Perma-Shield Coating To Reduce Heat.


8-1/4" 24T Saw Blade

8-1/4", 24 Tooth, Saw Blade, Patented Body Slots Reduce Vibration, Works With Blade's Thin Kerf Design To Deliver Exceptional User Feel, High Density Tungsten Carbide Teeth Are Tough, Wear-Resistant & Provide Long Life, Reinforced ShoulderIs Designed For Strength & Durability By Providing Impact Resistance Against Nail Embedded Wood, Blades Come With ToughCoat Anti-Stick Coating To Reduce Friction & Gumming & Are Optimized For Use On Both Corded & Cordless Circular Saws.


6-1/2" 24T Saw Blade

6-1/2 in., 24 Tooth, Framing, Circular Saw Blade. Constructed with toughtrack technology for accurate tracking over thelife of the blade. Features thin kerf design for smooth cuts with a 5/8 in. arbor, patented body slots for low vibration and teeth made with high density tungsten carbide to increase the life of the blade. Best with applications in soft wood and wood with nails, better with applications in plywood and good with applications in hardwood, trim, melamine and laminate, blister.


7-1/4" 40T Saw Blade

7-1/4 in., 40 Tooth, Saw Blade. Ideal for framing, cross cutting and fine finish applications. Patented body slots reduce vibration works with blades thin kerf design to deliver exceptional user feel. High density tungsten carbide teeth are tough, wear resistant and provide long life. Reinforced shoulder is designed for strength and durability by providing impact resistance against nail embedded wood. Blades come with tough coat anti-stick coating to reduce friction and gumming and are optimized for use on both corded and cordless circular saws, blister.


10" Construc Comb Pack

Series 20, Construction Combo Pack Includes Model #DW3103 & DW3106, Tougher Tungsten Carbide Stays Sharper Longer, ThinKerf For Smoother Cuts, Computer Balanced Plate Reduces Vibration For Improved Accuracy & Better Finish, Ideal For All Cutting Applications In Softwood, Hardwood, Chip Board Or Plywood Using A Table Saw Or Miter Saw, Professional Quality Thin Kerf Carbide Saw Blades Produce A Smooth Finish With Minimal Material Waste.


12" 80T Wood Saw Blade

Precision Trim, 12", 80 Tooth, Woodworking Saw Blade, Coated Thin Kerf, ATB Crosscut Industrial Anti Stick Coating Reduces Friction For Extended Blade Life, Reduces Pitch Build Up, Prevents Rust & Makes Cleaning The Blade Easier, Thin Kerf Provides A Clean, Smooth Finish While Minimizing Material Waste & Motor Load, Large Micro-Grain Carbide For More Resharpenings.